Here is a collection of resources for you to explore.  

Some of these are tools that I’ve created to use with my clients.  You can click on the links to view the documents and download them to lead yourself through the exercises.  In addition to my downloadable tools, there are various books, videos and websites that I find valuable and underly my integrated coaching style. Enjoy!

Transformational and leadership development resources

The Saint, The Surfer and the SEO by Robin Sharma

This is a personal development in the form of a fictional story.  The main character faces a near death experience, and his hospital rommate sends him on a transformational journey to visit a trio of gurus to help him.  This is book is fun to read, and full of inspirational messages.

Moods of Life Tool - Emotions Domain

This tool works with the domain of emotions.  It works to examine a specific issue and which moods (underlying, persistent emotions) pertain to your issue.  Then steps you through shifting your moods to ones that give you a new action or outcome.

How to Stop Screwing Yourself Over by Mel Robbins

This is an excellent TEDx talk!  It’s about getting real about what you want, and committing to making change.

A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle

This transformational book has a lot of information in it.  I found it immensely useful to read short sections at a time, and reflect before moving on.  I love that this book uses our connection to nature for perspective.

Body Triggers Tool

A great way to shift your perspective is by reflecting on how you react physically in specific situations.  The tool gives you steps to analayse your body triggers and use them to change your actions and outcomes.

Danielle Laporte's Desire Map

Danielle Laporte has a unique approach to setting goals, infused with passion and desire.  She focuses on your core desired feelings to roadmap where you want to get to.  Give her Desire Map a go if you are uninspired to set your goals this year.

The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown

I am a fan of any book written by Brene Brown.  The Gift of Imperfection is about knowing that you are enough.  It is our imperfections that make us unique, and we must accept ourselves fully to live courageously and compassionately.

Precision Model - Language Domain

Unpack and shift your current issue through the language domain.  This tool has you describe your issue, then workbook through your language for deletions, generalisations, and distortions.  All the definitions and steps are all included.

Psychology Today

Modern, fresh, and abundant articles on everything relating to human psychology.  Having studied psychology in uni, I find the scientific approach to this blog so educational and full of useful information.

The Power of Vulnerability by Brene Brown

This talk is amazing, and game-changing.  It’s about how we build connection to one another through vulnerability.

Health and Fitness Resources

Tunnel Vision by Sullivan McLeod

This book is funny, wild, and totally out there!  One year, Sullivan decides to take on the surfing Work Qualifying Series to see if he can score a single point or even win one heat.  I love the messages in teh book; to just give it a go, not take yourself to seriously, and have as much fun as possible.

Sarah Wilson's Blog

While Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar book was responsible for bringing awareness to the mass sugar consumption in our diets, her blog has a lot to offer on mental and emotional health as well.

Fitness Visioning Exercise

This visioning exercise takes you one year into the future, and celebrates your fitness achievements for the year.  Using this visualisation, you become clear on where you want to be in a year and which goals will get you there.

Dean Karnazes Blog

Running and fitness inspiration from a seasoned mega endurance athlete.  Dean’s posts are interesting, varied, and informative.

Extreme Swimming by Diana Nyad

Diana Nyad has a dream to swim from Cuba to Florida that she has been working towards for years.  She shares the amazing story of her first attempt and her encounter with box jelly fish.  It’s an amazing story!

PaleOMG Blog

This blog is full of amazing recipes.  I don’t eat entirely paleo, but I love the creative use of different veggies and nuts.

TC Tom Carroll by Nik Carroll

While this isn’t the most well articulated book I’ve read, learning the story of Tom Carroll’s life and his addiction is eye opening and intriguing.  This book is honest, raw, and inspiring.

Fitness Goal Setting Tool

This is a goal setting tool specifically designed for health, wellness and fitness goals.  Understand what you really want, and hold yourself accountable to getting there.

Career Coaching Resources

4 Hour Workweek by Tim Farris

If you are looking to maximise your outcomes and minimise the time it takes this book is for you.  Tim Farris is a genuis.

Zen Habits Blog by Leo Babauta

Great information and tips on simplifying your life, being mindful, and meditation.

Coaching for Performance by John Whitmore

Good to Great by Jim Collins

Jim Collins explores why we are instrinsically wired to want to be great, and how to build an effective team and company to foster this.  This book is a must read for starting your own business.