I’m Erica Price

Life Coach for Over Achievers and Over Thinkers

Coaching to live a spacious, aligned, present life.

I see too many talented, driven, amazing individuals wear themselves out trying to do everything and please everyone. Their impact on the world is diluted and they are stressed and anxious.

Coaching Meditations Microcast

Listen to my coaching meditation microcasts, a marvelous blend body and mind exercises wrapped in an intentional coaching theme.

4 Week Spaciousness Course

Create spaciousness in your life to live more presently, think more clearly, and act more intentionally. 


Group Coaching

Group Coaching is where I lead intimate groups of Over Achievers and Over Thinkers to grow their presence, clarity, and focused impact.

Coaching Retreats

More information coming soon

What Is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is like a cleanse for your mental and emotional state. You’ll leave a session feeling fresh, energised and clear.

It’s dedicated time for you to focus on you.

Coaching is a space for you to explore all possibilities, free of judgement or limitations.  You have the opportunity to choose and take responsibility for your next steps.

As a coach, I’m there to hold a safe space, listen, share observations, encourage and challenge you to work out your own path.

It changes your life. 

Who do I coach?

Over Achievers and Over Thinkers

Some clients are Over Achievers, some are Over Thinkers, and often they are both!

My clients are highly successful, internally driven, and talented. They have very high standards for themselves and they work exceptionally hard.

They approach me for coaching on slowing down, switching off, creating boundaries, narrowing their focus to create a bigger impact, and finding balance.

Who am I?

I’m an experienced life coach, Canadian Australian, swimmer, yogi and surfer.

I’m passionate about working with inspiring clients to direct their mind and energy more effectively.

As a life coach, I’m deeply intuitive, energising, and transformative.

What Do My Clients Say?

Erica’s coaching sessions with me were invaluable, what I learned will last a lifetime. She helped me gain clarity over my aspirations, and then equipped me with the tools and internal strategies that I needed to help drive me forward. I learned a lot about myself, and now have greater control over my mindset, decisions, and self belief. Less than a year later, my ambitions are accelerating beyond my expectations, and it is both rewarding and inspiring!

Elizabeth Mah

Digital & UX Strategist

The benefits of receiving coaching for me were immense. It helped me verbalise my options, get my thoughts together in a more coherent way and allowed me to reach my specific goal that I talked about in my coaching session. Erica’s style of listening and questioning was very thorough. I would recommend it to anyone who has a desire to succeed.

Prina Shah

Coach, Consultant, Trainer

Erica has an authentic and easy coaching presence, building rapport quickly she holds the coaching space with lightness and energy.  She promotes client self-discovery and learning, championing new ways of thinking and gaining commitment for changes to shift clients Way of Being. A curious coach, Erica asks big, open, reflective questions to challenge clients respectfully and shares her observations in an insightful yet unattached way.

Janine Warden

Director, Executive Coach

I highly recommend Erica’s coaching services to anyone that is wanting to have a Coach that will be thorough, professional and assist you to achieve your goals and targets. Erica is very experienced and an excellent coach. Whilst she is very compassionate and will assist you to breakthrough any roadblocks, Erica has the ability to hold a clear and concise focus is on your results being achieved perhaps even when you don’t! Erica is an excellent coach.

Deb Oxby

Transformation and Relationship Coach

Let’s chat

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