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What is health and fitness coaching?

Coaching is designed as a partnership that gives clients the space to explore what they want without judgement or limitations, and create a plan of action with accountability.  

Health and fitness coaching is the branch of coaching focused primarily on the physical wellbeing of the client.  Mental and emotional health are secondary focuses, as they influence physical health immensely.  While many clients have an idea of what they need to do to improve their health, there is something holding them back from committing to programs and getting results.

General coaching session steps


Coaching Content

The content of the coaching session is always determined by the client.  At the beginning of the session, it is helpful to set an intention and desired outcomes for the session.  This could be related to wellbeing, health, fitness or performance.



The coach creates a safe space for the client to explore all angles and perspectives of the coaching content.  The coach may provide tools and reources to support this exploration with the permission of the client.



The client generates possible solutions and analyses them with the coach’s support.  Together, the examine possible obstacles and hurdles that the client may experience in moving to a solution.


Action Plan

The client decides on their course of action going forward and the steps to complete before the next session.  The coach holds the client accountable to the actions they’ve committed to.

Health and fitness coaching sessions

Health and fitness coaching sessions create a space for you to choose the agenda, set the pace, and explore how you want to improve your wellbeing.  Your role as the client is to drive the content of the session, while your coach is there to hold the process of working through the issue.  The coach is there to ask questions, share observations, and challenge assumptions. The sessions may entail some or all of the following exercises and strategies:  


Understanding your motivators


Training the mind for peak athletic performance


Clarifying health and fitness goals


Determining your fitness baseline


Building self confidence and momentum


Designing a training schedule


Developing personal integrity


Creating new health and fitness habits


Learning visualisation strategies

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It was a great pleasure to work with Erica Price. She has a high level of empathy and was always being a stand for her colleagues and employees to achieve greatness within their roles. She’s a highly motivated individual with exceptional organisational skills and epitomises the phrase ‘gets the job done’. A real motivator, she’s a great leader.

Dusty Allen

Social Media, Hancock Creative

Erica is a passionate people leader- she constantly inspires her teams and business partners to pursue their goals and to live a life they love. Erica has a high level of integrity and ignites this in those around her. She has special talent in the area of leadership development and coaching, largely due to her ability to listen, ask strategic questions and create possibility for others by holding them great.

I loved partnering with Erica in sourcing talent for the regions she managed (WA and SA) and would highly recommend her as an incredible leader for any organisation or company.

Erin Kindt

Founder, Yoga Teacher, Writer, The Sweet Life

I have observed Erica coach on a number times and recommend her as highly competent coach. Erica has a strong presence as a coach, holding a safe, respectful space, working with the whole person facilitating clients in their self discovery and supporting them to identify actions that take them towards achieving their goals.

Tony Clitheroe

Professional Coaching, Facilitation, Organisation Consultant, Pharos Consulting