Coaching with Erica Price

Creatively and Courageously Navigate Family Life

Family Inception & Life Balance Coaching

Personal Family Inception Coaching

This coaching is for individual clients bravely facing challenges in conception, fertility, and other aspects of creating a family.

Couples Family Inception Coaching

Coaching for couples navigating roadblocks to starting or growing their family together.

Life Balance Coaching - Post Babies

Coaching for new parents wanting to intentionally develop their new identity, values, and aspirations.

Life Balance Coaching - Independent Kids

Coaching dedicated to parents with independant kids, wanting to redefine themselves and explore what’s next for them.

You Have All the Answers. I Can Help You Access Them.

Feel Like It’s Time to Live Through Choice, Possibility, and Courage? Ready to Make Changes?

I lead small group coaching sessions to empower clients to move through challenges with awareness, lightness, and choice.  I specialise in coaching women through fertility issues, rediscovering themselves post babies, and creating space to follow their aspirations.

What Is Life Coaching?

Dedicated Time for Yourself

Coaching is dedicated time for you to focus on you; reflect on where you’re at and which direction you want to go.

It Makes Life Simple

Coaching helps you sort through all the information in your brain, simplifying the most complex situations.  Speaking your challenges aloud will give you clarity on what you want.  

Full of Possibility

Coaching is a space for you to explore all possibilities, free of judgement or limitations.  You will experiment, explore, and examine new ways of approaching situations. 

Inspiring and Forward Thinking

Coaching will inspire you to choose your next steps and take action.  You learn from taking action and moving yourself towards your goals.

How Do I know If Coaching is Right For Me?


Do you want to approach life with lightness and curiosity?


Do you want to shift your approach but don’t know how?


Do you want to achieve different results?


Do you want to make decisions powerfully?

Coaching is for clients who:

Believe Choice is Control

Coaching is for clients who believe they are largely incharge of their lives through awareness, choice, and responsibility.

Listen to Intuition

Coaching clients listen to both their thoughts and their intuition, using both to guide them forward.

Are Open Minded

Coaching clients know there are many ways to reach thier goals and are open to exploring a variety of options before making their choice.

Like to Experiment

Coaching clients understand the benefit of taking action because this is how they learn.  By experimenting with different perspectives and approaches, they can determine what works best for them.

Want to Feel Aligned

Coaching clients seek to find their truth, which aligns their physical, mental, and spiritual selves.  They know that when things don’t feel right, there is a better way.

My Approach

I use an integrated coaching approach, meaning that I use tactics, strategies and ideas from various disciplines that study human behaviour. 

I studied Social, Positive, Behavioural, and Organisational Psychology in University for four years.  Years later, in completing my Professional Coaching Diploma, I developed coaching skills in Ontological Coaching, Solution Based Coaching, and Neurolinguistic Programming.  I am a certified International Coaching Federation coach.

As a Yoga Instructor and Personal Trainer, I use movement in the body to assist in shifting the mind.  By having a variety of perspectives on human behaviour, I have more tools to choose from for my clients.

How It Works

Contact Me

Send me an email or contact form outlining your current situation and what you want coaching on.

Join a Coaching Group

Depending on your coaching areas, current situation and availability, I’ll give you a couple options for joining a small coaching group.


Start Coaching

I’ll send you everything you need for your first coaching sesssion. Let’s get started!

Personal Family Inception Coaching

Join a small group of individuals facing similar challenges and receive individualised coaching, learn from others, and create an in-built support network.

$200/ month

More Details

Family Inception Coaching runs in small groups of up to 6 clients. Coaching sessions run for 60 minutes fortnightly, all led and coached by me. A minimum commitment of 6 months is required to build trust and leverage the support network.

Couples Family Inception Coaching

A couples specific coaching program dedicated to supporting both partners through starting and growing a family, while leveraging the shared learning and experience of the group.

$300/ month

More Details

Family Inception Couples Coaching runs in small groups of up to 6 couples. Coaching sessions run for 60 minutes fortnightly, all led and coached by me. A minimum commitment of 6 months is required to build trust and leverage the support network.

Life Balance Coaching

Start investing in yourself with coaching focused on creating balance post babies or independant kids.  You’ll be placed in a small coaching group with other clients in a similar life stage and aspirations.

$200/ month

More Details

More Info Coming

Let’s chat

I would love to hear from you.  Send me a message, ask me a question, or share what you’re working on.