Invigorating Coaching for Executives


Do you feel like it’s time to start living a purpose-driven, heart-centred, highly energised, and deeply connected life? Is it time to commit to your self  physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually?

what is Executive Life Coaching?

Executive Life Coaching is a blend of life, business, and leadership coaching, aimed to coach the client holistically.  It’s a sacred space for you to focus on your complete self.

The practice of coaching is a partnership built on trust, personal responsibility, open-mindedness, and a willingness to be challenged. We start with absolute self awareness, crystal clarity of purpose and values, and build from there.

Do You Need Coaching?

Do you feel like you are a workaholic but haven’t reached your potential?

Do you have an incling that you could approach leadership in a more rewarding and effective way?

Do you wish you were more successful in other areas of your life?

Do you feel weighed down by the expectations of others?

Do you have trouble slowing your brain down or switching off?

Do you consistently feel depleted of time and energy?


Who Do I Coach?

My clients are typically Senior Leaders, General Managers, Executives, and CEOs. They are driven, intelligent, hard working and successful. They reach out to me when they realise they want to experience life and leadership differently – they want more satisfaction, deeper connections, more spaciousness, and to amplify their impact without working harder. My clients who are able to realign, reinvent and grow exponentially through coaching have the following characteristics:

Radical Personal Responsibility

They believe that they create their lives through self awareness, choice, and conscious action.

Awareness of Intuition

They understand that we make the best decisions by being able to listen to both intuition and thoughts. 


They know there is no one right path. They are open to exploration, experimentation, and changing direction.

Truth Seeking

My clients are seeking to understand their purpose, values, and truths so they can align their life and leadership to this. 

My Approach to Coaching

I use an integrated coaching approach, meaning that I use concepts and strategies from various disciplines that study human behaviour – Social, Positive, Behavioural, and Organisational Psychology, Ontological Coaching, Solution Based Coaching, and Neurolinguistic Programming.

I have a degree in Business and Psychology, and am a certified International Coaching Federation coach. As a Yoga Instructor and Personal Trainer, I sometimes integrate movement in the body and meditation to assist in creating shifts for clients.



A Place to Begin

A group coaching program with the aim of truly knowing yourself. We remove our layers of socialisation, expectations and limiting beliefs to connect to our core. We get comfortable with our essence.

And we build from here – our purpose, our core beliefs, our values, our connection to others – all areas we play with uncovering, understanding, and choosing. We work from our centre to create alignment and expanding ourselves. 


Bold Realignment to Truth

A coaching program for unapologetic and bold realignment to your truth. Recalibrate, rebuild, and reinvent your self. This program is designed as a springboard for clients who know themselves intimately and are ready to leap into their purpose and honour their values.


Tapping Into Your Power Source

Clients in the Expansion Coaching Program know themselves and live conscious and aligned lives. Because of this, they have limitless potential and limitless possibility. This coaching program supports clients to amplify the work they do in the world.


Dancing Between Dualities

In this coaching program, we focus on the practice of flexing between polarities: ambition and gratitude, perserverence and acceptance, vision and presence. We grow our ability to listen to our own real time feedback and adjusting our direction and focus. 

Erica has an authentic and easy coaching presence… she holds the coaching space with lightness and energy. A curious coach, Erica asks big, open, reflective questions to challenge clients respectfully and shares her observations in an insightful yet unattached way.


Director, Executive Coach

Erica has helped me gain clarity of my aspirations, and equipped me with the tools and internal strategies that I needed to help drive me forward. I learned a lot about myself, and now have greater control over my mindset, decisions, and self belief. Less than a year later, my ambitions are accelerating beyond my expectations, and it is both rewarding and inspiring!


Digital & UX Strategist

The benefits of receiving coaching for me were immense. It helped me verbalise my options, get my thoughts together in a more coherent way… Erica’s style of listening and questioning was very thorough. I would recommend it to anyone who has a desire to succeed.


Coach, Consultant