Erica Price

Life Coach for Over Thinkers and Over Achievers

Hi, I’m Erica.

I coach clients to balance their drive, talent, and passion with spaciousness, intuition, and a managed mind.

My Story

I was born and raised in a tiny town in Canada.  I am the youngest of three girls in a  family of five.  I loved growing up with two older siblings and always knew I wanted to create a big family for myself one day.

I have always been a health nut and very active. Growing up I played every sport I could get into, and when my sisters took to swimming competitively, it wasn’t long before I followed.  A active and healthy lifestyle is still foundational to my life now. I still swim, surf, and practice yoga regularly.

My interest in motivational psychology is what eventually led me to coaching.  I began university as a Commerce major, and added a major in Psychology because I enjoyed the classes so much.

After uni, I travelled to Australia for a year with a close friend. Perth is where I met my husband.  After my time in Australia was up, he moved to Canada with me.  A year later, we married and moved back to Perth.

We are still currently based in Perth, though are planning a move to the south west when our new home is built.  

Becoming a life coach

I remember the first time I heard about life coaching. I was enjoying a cottage weekend, and I started chatting with my friend’s aunt. I was stuck between wanting a high paying career in Human Resources and being an outdoor adventure guide which I loved but paid terribly.  She asked me some thought-provoking questions that challenged me to think more abundantly about what I could create. Why was I choosing between passion or financial reward? Why not create both? She was coaching me and I didn’t even know it. I asked her about being a Life Coach. I was intrigued and wanted to learn more! 

In 2011, I was in Perth working in HR and still keen to become a life coach.  My manager was a certified coach and I really appreciated how he would use coaching to empower me to make decisions and own my work. This reaffirmed my belief in the power of coaching. That year, I enrolled in an ICF accredited coaching course, and  graduated a year and a half later. I’ve been working as a coach for over ten years, with professionals, business owners, and athletes. I  now specialise in coaching for over thinkers and over achievers.


I have two core beliefs that underpin my coaching approach:

We need to take care of ourselves first.

To be the best version of ourselves for our partners and children, we need to take care of our own needs first.  This includes our physical, mental and spiritual health – all of which fill our cup and give us the headspace and energy to support others. I’ve always been inspired by parents who are aware of what they need to fulfill their aspirations and manage to balance those with supoprting their families. Coaching can help clarify and manage this life balance.

There is an optimal balance between push and pull.

Drive, persistence, talent, force – these things only gets us so far and for so long. Without the balance of space, intuition, creativity, and flow they lead to burn out before we ever reach our potential. There is a magic in using both push and pull to express ourselves and create the impact we were born to have.

Online Coaching Resources


Family Inception Coaching eBook

This self coaching ebook is your ally in aligning your mind, body, and spirit to support your fertility journey.  It includes thought provoking coaching questions, insights, education, and encouragement.

Life Balance Coaching eBook

A self coaching book to guide you through redefining yourself and how you want to spend your time. It allows you to choose the family – personal life balance that works for you.

Body Triggers Coaching Tool

A great way to shift your perspective is by reflecting on how you react physically in specific situations.  The tool gives you steps to analyse your body triggers and use them to change your actions and outcomes.

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