Ever wonder why some individuals perform better under pressure than others? Or peak at the right time? Or perform more consistently?


Training is part of it, but that is not the whole story!

What is often overlooked in sports, is that we are individuals, not training machines!  We have thoughts, feelings, moods, fears, experiences and values that we bring with us to every game, race, and event.

This is where life coaching can help you perform better and achieve more!

Here are some benefits that clients feedback to me after their coaching sessions:

  • Increased focus of and enthusiasm for their athletic goals
  • Clearer understanding of what is driving their performance
  • Awareness of their internal road blocks & how to remove them
  • Greater understanding and self awareness of who they are and who they want to be
  • Strength and consistency in values both as an athlete and as an individual
  • Increased performance and increases happiness with performance
  • Better time mangement & balance of training, personal and professional lives

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