Thinking of changing companies, jobs, or careers entirely? 

My life coaching clients are often looking to make a change to their jobs or their entire career path.  As a coach, it is really important for me dig into what my client is looking to change specifically.  By helping my clients get clear on what they like and don’t like about their current job, we can explore a wider range of possibilities going forward.  From there, they can make an informed decision for themselves.

Digging in to what’s working and what’s not

When I coach my clients on their career, I dig into what has held them back from creating something different in their current role.  The reason I explore this with them, is to challenge them to be personally responsible for their happiness at work now and in the future. 

Sometimes a conversation, a request, or sharing feedback is all that is required to improve a work situation.  As a coach, I support my clients in communicating openly with their managers and teams, and requesting what they need to feel happy and empowered in their jobs.   And other times, my clients have exhausted all options and are ready to move on.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to help clarify what you want:


What is at the core of you wanting to make a change?

a lack of learning and development

  • a lack of opportunity to progress
  • dissatisfaction with your current manager or team
  • wanting to change industries or careers completely
  • increased salary expectations

What is holding you back from creating the change you'd like to see in your current job? Have you tried:

  • driving your own personal and professional development
  • requesting a promotion or gaining clarity on why not
  • bringing up your concerns with your manager and/or coworkers
  • getting involved in projects that are aligned to where you want your career to go
  • requesting a salary increase

    Still ready to move on?

    • What type of work would you like to be doing more of?
    • What kind of new skills and experiences are you seeking?
    • What kind of manager would you like to work for?
    • What’s your ideal company or industry?
    • What would you like to leave behind?

      One additional aspect to consider, is how can you make the most of your current role while you secure your next role?

      Are there ways to make your remaining time more productive or enjoyable?  Perhaps you can request to enrol in training or an external course?  Perhaps there are connections you could build that would support your future career?  Or perhaps focusing on specific people that you enjoy working with will make the overall experience better.  

      All the best in creating work to be meaningful, satifying and fulfilling!