What are core beliefs and how do they impact our lives?

Core beliefs are deeply embedded beliefs we hold about ourselves, others and the world around us. It is what we believe to be true about our personality, our traits, who we are, and how we interact with our world.

Core beliefs are created from childhood experiences, and help us understand how we fit in to the world. While they serve a purpose, core beliefs are formed at an early age by our partially developed brains, and are often based on singular experiences that we generalise.  As a child, we interpret our experiences without proper context and often do not fully understand what is happening.  Once we create core beliefs, we begin to perceive our world through this lens, and look for proof to support our belief.  Over time, we build up our core beliefs and reinforce them through how we perceive events.  Positive core beliefs can serve to give us confidence to pursue our dreams, have resilience to overcome obstacles, and connect deeply with others.  Negative core beliefs can limit what we believe is possible and restrict our potential.  Our negative core beliefs, if left unchallenged act as silent obstacles in our lives.

Here’s the good news – our core beliefs are not truths.  They may seem to be true in specific situations (or perhaps once when you were a child); however, they do not apply universally.  The key to shifting a core belief is 1. awareness and 2. choice!


Core beliefs are often evident in your inner dialogue.  You can identfy them when you hear statements like these in your head: 

I am so _____.  I never _____.  I always _______.   It’s just the way I am.  I can’t _______. 

Catch yourself creating and reinforcing core beliefs about yourself and stop! Recognise a negative core belief for what it is – not the truth.


Once you are aware that a negative core belief is limiting you, choose to believe something else. 

Ask yourself, when is this not the case?  What could I be instead of ____?  Who could I be instead?  What else am I capable of?

This process of shifting core beliefs to new ones takes practice.  Over time, keep replacing limited negative core beliefs and explore your endless potential.  

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