Infinite Potential

Aligned, Conscious, Limitless Living Awaits

Too many talented, driven, amazing individuals wear themselves out trying to do everything and please everyone. Their energy is depleted, their impact is diluted, and they are constantly stressed.

There is a way forward.

I am offering a partnership to understand your truths, and live your purpose; to align what you believe to the actions you take; to invite intuition, spaciousness, and creativity in.

Working Together

I coach clients to create spaciousness in their lives, explore intuition, manage their minds, and harness the power of intentional action. Here’s what happens when we work together.

Erica’s coaching sessions with me were invaluable, what I learned will last a lifetime. She helped me gain clarity over my aspirations, and then equipped me with the tools and internal strategies that I needed to help drive me forward. I learned a lot about myself, and now have greater control over my mindset, decisions, and self belief. Less than a year later, my ambitions are accelerating beyond my expectations, and it is both rewarding and inspiring!

Elizabeth Mah

Digital & UX Strategist

The benefits of receiving coaching for me were immense. It helped me verbalise my options, get my thoughts together in a more coherent way and allowed me to reach my specific goal that I talked about in my coaching session. Erica’s style of listening and questioning was very thorough. I would recommend it to anyone who has a desire to succeed.

Prina Shah

Coach, Consultant, Trainer

Coaching Programs

Invigorating coaching programs for extraordinary clients seeking to realign their lives, reinvent themselves, and amplify their impact.


A deep dive into self awareness and clarifies your truths, core beliefs, core values, and purpose.


Amplify your impact and create results you didn’t know were possible.


Reinvention is where you reimagine a life aligned to your true self and begin living it.


The beautiful dance between ambition & gratitude, perserverence & acceptance, vision and presence.

Erica Price

Life Coach

I’m a Canadian Australian life coach with over 10 years of coaching experience. As a swimmer, yogi, and surfer, I spend my time in nature, taking care of my health and experiencing new adventures.

My clients describe me as intuitive, energising, and transformative.

Sign Up for Coaching

Signing up for a Coaching Program is straightforward following these steps.

Step 1

select a coaching program

There are four coaching programs to select from, all tailored to a stage of personal development. I recommend starting with the Discovery coaching program if you have not done coaching programs or extensive personal development work previously.



Step 2

Apply to the Coaching Program

Once you have selected the Coaching Program you would like to join, you must to complete the application form and submit it via email. It is crucial to answer all of the questions in the application form thoughtfully and thoroughly. This information ensures you are placed in the most aligned coaching group to enhance your experience.

Step 3

prepare to start your Program

Your application will be reviewed and should your coach need more information, you will receive an email requesting this. Once your coach can confirm your enrolment, you will receive a welcome pack to help you prepare for your first session.



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