transformational life coaching

What is transformational life coaching?

Coaching is designed as a partnership that gives clients the space to explore what they want without judgement or limitations, and create a plan of action with accountability.  

Transformational life coaching is a wholistic approach to life coaching.  Together, we explore various aspects of your life where you want to make a change.  By exploring a macro view of your life, we can understand how each life dimension impacts and connects to other areas.  Our lives are complex and interconnected with our environments and other people around us.

What does transformational life coaching entail?

The content of transformational life coaching sessions always depends on what the client wants to explore.  The sessions may entail some or all of the following exercises and strategies:


Creating a personal mission & vision


Writing short term & long term goals


Determining your core values


Developing personal leadership


Understanding your motivators


Identifying your perceived obstacles

What are the benefits of transformational life coaching?

There are numerous benefits to transformational life coaching, which are relative to how much the client wants to shift their life and what they want to create.  The International Coaching Federation states improved self confidence, improved relationships, elevated communication skills, and improved work life balance as the most commonly experienced benefits by clients.  The work I’ve done with my clients has most often resulted in:


Direction & Purpose

Gaining clarity on a vision of where you want to be in five or ten years time.  This helps you find direction and make decisions now to get you there.


Leverage of Skills & Time

By understanding what is working in your life and why, you can apply the same skills and process to create shifts in areas of your life that aren’t working.


Leadership Development

Building self integrity, accountability, and confidence means that you’ll be able to continue building the life you want for years to come.


Confidence & Motivation

By overcoming obstacles, making small shifts daily, and creating positive habits, you’ll transform your life and your perspective.

How does transformational life coaching sessions work?

Transformational coaching sessions create a space for you to choose the agenda, set the pace, and explore how you want to transform your life.  Your role as the client is to drive the content of the session, while your coach is there to hold the process of working through the issue.  The coach is there to ask questions, share observations, and challenge assumptions.  

Transformational life coaching session steps


Coaching Content

The content of the coaching session is always determined by the client.  At the beginning of the session, it is helpful to set an intention and desired outcomes for the session.



The coach creates a safe space for the client to explore all angles and perspectives of the coaching content.  The coach may provide tools and resources to support this exploration with the permission of the client.



The client generates possible solutions and analyses them with the coach’s support.  Together, they examine possible obstacles and hurdles that the client may experience in moving to a solution.


Action Plan

The client decides on their course of action and what they are commiting to action before the next session.  The coach holds the client accountable to the actions they’ve committed to.

Who is transformational life coaching for?

Transformational life coaching may be for you, if you are ready to live your life differently and on purpose.  And if you are looking for coaching in a few areas of your life, rather than specifically just career coaching, fitness coaching, or leadership coaching. My transformational life coaching clients approach me with the following comments and concerns:


Lacking motivation

I have goals and know what I would like to achieve, but I am lacking motivation.  I sometimes make headway, then get lazy or distracted with what I am doing.  How do I stay on track? And why am I inconsistent?


Unclear purpose

I haven’t achieved what I thought I would by this time in my life.  My life is fine, there is nothing wrong.  But I feel lost and unclear on my purpose.  I am not sure which direction to go in. How can I be clear on this? And how can I make decisions that support my purpose?


Competing priorties & balance

There is never enough time to do what I want to do, and  visit the places I want to visit.  I am struggling to balance my health, my career and relationships and they are all important to me.  Working harder does not seem to be solving this.  What can i do differently?  How do others seem to have time to get it all done.


Ready for a change

I am ready for my next challenge or a change in lifestyle.  I am craving doing something different. I feel overwhelmed at the possibilities and am unsire of where to start.  How do I choose?  How will I know I have made the right decision?

How has transformational life coaching worked for others?

Erica is incredibly diplomatic, a constant coach and support whilst always challenging us to grow and develop by extending ourselves. Erica is fun, open, vulnerable, optimistic, lives in possibility, strong, adventurous and a risk taker. Highly effective in her role, and highly respected.

Heidi Thomson-Gluis

Store Manager, lululemon athletica

I highly recommend Erica’s coaching services to anyone that is wanting to have a Coach that will be thorough, professional and assist you to achieve your goals and targets. Erica is very experienced and an excellent coach. Whilst she is very compassionate and will assist you to breakthrough any roadblocks, Erica has the ability to hold a clear and concise focus is on your results being achieved perhaps even when you don’t! Erica is an excellent coach.

Debb Oxby

Transformational Coach for Women, Debb Oxby

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