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What is personal leadership coaching?

Coaching is designed as a partnership that gives clients the space to explore what they want without judgement or limitations, and create a plan of action with accountability.  

Personal leadership life coaching is a subset of life coaching, focused specifically on growing the fundamentals of self leadership: self trust, self awareness, integrity, and accountability.  The focus is on the client’s way of being and how they show up in their own life.  Personal leadership coaching explores underlying core beliefs which drive behaviours.  Together we work to shift the client’s mind set, which opens up new possibilities and new ways of being.

What does personal leadership coaching entail?

The content of personal leadership coaching sessions always depends on what the client wants to explore.  The coach uses the self leadership fundamentals as a lens to discuss where the client is getting stuck and to help create a new outcome.  The sessions may entail some or all of the following exercises and strategies:


Exploring news ways of being


Developing self awareness through journaling


Practicing integrity to build self trust


Exploring underlying core beliefs


Identifying the client's story vs event


Examing the Moods of Life

What are the benefits of personal leadership coaching?

Personal leadership coaching works at a deep level on the client’s way of being.  Creating shifts at this level changes the client’s approach and perpective to all situations, so the benefits are immense.  The International Coaching Federation states improved self confidence, improved relationships, elevated communication skills, and improved work life balance as the most commonly experienced benefits by clients.  The work I’ve done with my clients has most often resulted in:


Finding Choice

By creating self awareness, clients can choose who they want to be in any situation, rather than reacting automatically.  This choice opens up possibilities for the client and empowers them.


Confidence & Motivation

By overcoming obstacles, making small shifts daily, and creating positive habits, my clients transform their lives.  They believe in their own abilities.


Leadership Development

Building self integrity, self awareness, integrity and accountability means that my clients are able to continue building their ideal life for years to come.  Developing personal leadership is also key to being able to lead others.

How do personal leadership coaching sessions work?

Personal leadership coaching sessions create a space for the client to choose the agenda, set the pace, and explore how you want to transform the client’s way of being.  The client drives the content of the session, while the coach is there to hold the process of working through the issue.  The coach’s role is to ask questions, share observations, and challenge assumptions.  

General steps in coaching session


Coaching Content

The content of the coaching session is always determined by the client.  At the beginning of the session, it is helpful to set an intention and desired outcomes for the session.



The coach creates a safe space for the client to explore all angles and perspectives of the coaching content.  The coach may provide tools and reources to support this exploration with the permission of the client.



The client generates possible solutions and analyses them with the coach’s support.  Together, the examine possible obstacles and hurdles that the client may experience in moving to a solution.


Action Plan

The client decides on their course of action and waht they are commiting to action before the next session.  The coach holds the client accountable to the actions they’ve committed to.

Who is personal leadership coaching for?

Personal leadership coaching may be for you, if you are ready to explore yourself in depth – your core beliefs, your motivators, and what really drives you.  Personal development coaching is great for clients looking to better understand how they show up in life, work and relationships.  My personal development coaching clients approach me with the following comments and concerns:


Recurring Obstacles

I am trying to achieve the next step in my career, and I keep getting overlooked by my manager.  I need to better understand who I am being at work and what I am missing.  How can I develop myself to be ready for the progress I want?


Lacking Confidence

I don’t feel confident and second guess my decisions.  I know I have a lot to contribute, but in the moment I feel like what I have to say is not valuable or might be wrong.  I am holding myself back.  How do I build confidence and learn to speak up?


Communication and relationships

I am not communicating clearly in my personal / professional relationships.  This creates extra work and tension.  I feel like I do not get my point across and others don’t understand my perspective.  How can I communicate more effectively?


Leading a team

I don’t feel like I am effectively leading my team.  They don’t seem to listen to me or respect my decisions.  Sometime they do not complete the tasks I give them.  How can I change this and become a better manager/ leader for others?

How has transformational life coaching worked for others?

Erica is a passionate people leader- she constantly inspires her teams and business partners to pursue their goals and to live a life they love. Erica has a high level of integrity and ignites this in those around her. She has special talent in the area of leadership development and coaching, largely due to her ability to listen, ask strategic questions and create possibility for others by holding them great.

Erin Kindt

Founder, Yoga Teacher, Writer, The Sweet Life

The benefits of receiving coaching for me were immense. It helped me verbalise my options, get my thoughts together in a more coherent way and allowed me to reach my specific goal that I talked about in my coaching session. Erica’s style of listening and questioning was very thorough. I would recommend it to anyone who has a desire to succeed.

Prina Shah

Artist, Prina Shah Creative

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