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What is health and fitness coaching?

Coaching is designed as a partnership that gives clients the space to explore what they want without judgement or limitations, and create a plan of action with accountability.  

Health and fitness coaching is the branch of coaching focused primarily on the physical wellbeing of the client.  Mental and emotional health are secondary focuses, as they influence physical health immensely.  While many clients have an idea of what they need to do to improve their health, there is something holding them back from committing to programs and getting results.

What does health and fitness coaching entail?

The content of health and fitness coaching sessions always depends on what the client wants to explore.  The sessions may entail some or all of the following exercises and strategies:


Understanding your motivators


Clarifying health and fitness goals


Determining your fitness baseline


Developing personal integrity


Identifying your perceived obstacles


Creating new health and fitness habits

What are the benefits of health and fitness coaching?

There are numerous benefits to health and fitness coaching, which are relative to how much the client wants to shift their physical wellbeing.  Coaching can further support clients that have tried other programs and have not had any success.  It looks at the underlying core beliefs and values that can impede progress.  The work I’ve done with my clients has most often resulted in:


Clarity of their 'why'

My clients are often not sure where their health and fitness goals have come from, and how achieving their goals will impact their lives.  By clarifying what they want to achieve and why, they are more intrisically inspired.


Ability to recognise obstacles

My clients become aware of what their obstacles are and how to identify them early.  This allows them to make a choice in the moment, rather than allowing their perceived obstacles get in the way.


Leadership development

By taking actions towards their goals, my clients build self integrity, accountability, and confidence.  This allows them to gain momentum and reassess what is possible for them. 


Assess commitment levels

My clients understand their underlying core beliefs and values, and can realsitically assess how commited they are to their goals.  If they are not commited, it’s time to reasses the goal and shift it to something they are commited to.

How do health and fitness coaching sessions work?

Health and fitness coaching sessions create a space for you to choose the agenda, set the pace, and explore how you want to improve your wellbeing.  Your role as the client is to drive the content of the session, while your coach is there to hold the process of working through the issue.  The coach is there to ask questions, share observations, and challenge assumptions.  

Health and fitness coaching session steps


Coaching Content

The content of the coaching session is always determined by the client.  At the beginning of the session, it is helpful to set an intention and desired outcomes for the session.



The coach creates a safe space for the client to explore all angles and perspectives of the coaching content.  The coach may provide tools and reources to support this exploration with the permission of the client.



The client generates possible solutions and analyses them with the coach’s support.  Together, the examine possible obstacles and hurdles that the client may experience in moving to a solution.


Action Plan

The client decides on their course of action and what they are commiting to action before the next session.  The coach holds the client accountable to the actions they’ve committed to.

Who is health and fitness coaching for?

Health and fitness coaching may be right for you if you want to focus on improving your physical wellbeing.  If you are looking for a coach to support you in changing your health habits, eating patterns or increasing your fitness.  My health and fitness coaching clients approach me with the following comments and concerns:


Inconsistent motivation

I have health goals and know what I would like to achieve, but I am lacking motivation.  I sometimes make headway, then get lazy or distracted with what I am doing.  How do I stay on track? And why am I inconsistent?


Lack of results with fitness programs

I have tried diets and exercise programs without great results.  I have a hard time sticking to one program and am not sure what I am trying to achieve or why.  How can I be more clear on what I am trying to achieve? And how can I make choices that support my goals?


Competing priorties & balance

There is never enough time to plan my meals, eat well and exercise.  I am struggling to balance my health, my career and relationships and they are all important to me.  What can I do differently?  How do others seem to have time to get it all done?


Obstacles in the way

I want to lead a healthier lifestyle but there are so many obstacles in my way.  I don’t have the time/ money/ support / plan to get me started.  How can I do this?

How has health and fitness coaching worked for others?

It was a great pleasure to work with Erica Price. She has a high level of empathy and was always being a stand for her colleagues and employees to achieve greatness within their roles. She’s a highly motivated individual with exceptional organisational skills and epitomises the phrase ‘gets the job done’. A real motivator, she’s a great leader.

Dusty Allen

Social Media, Hancock Creative

Erica is incredibly diplomatic, a constant coach and support whilst always challenging us to grow and develop by extending ourselves. Erica is fun, open, vulnerable, optimistic, lives in possibility, strong, adventurous and a risk taker. Highly effective in her role, and highly respected.

Heidi Thomson-Gluis

Store Manager, lululemon athletica

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