What is Coaching?

Erica Price Coaching exists to reinvent what is possible through self awarenss and realising true potential.  Erica creates a safe, open space for you to explore and articulate what you really want and what is getting in the way.  Her approach is intuitive, insightful, and straight forward. Erica uses an integrated approach to coaching, pulling in techniques from ontological coaching, neurolinguistic programming, psychology, cognitive science, solution based coaching, sociology, and biology.

How Does Coaching Work?


The content of the coaching session is always determined by the client.


The coach creates a safe space for the client to explore all angles and perspectives.


The client generates possible solutions and analyses them with the coach’s support.


The coach holds the client accountable to the actions and by whens they’ve committed to.

ACC ICF Certification

The International Coaching Federation is the accreditaiton and compliance association for Professional Coaching across the globe.  They exist to ensure every ICF Accedited Coach represents the highest quality of professional coaching.  As a certified Professional Coach, you know that your coach has proven to have the training, skills and experience to best coach you, and they follow a specific Code of Ethics and Standards.

Partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential, which is particularly important in today’s uncertain and complex environment. Coaches honor the client as the expert in his or her life and work and believe every client is creative, resourceful and whole. 

What does an Integrated  Coaching Approach mean?

An integrated coaching approach means using tactics, strategies and ideas from various disciplines that study human behaviour.  In my coaching, I pull in different approaches to see what works best for my clients.  

I studied Social, Positive, Behavioural, and Organisational Psychology in University for four years.  Years later, in completing my Professional Coaching Diploma, I developed coaching skills in Ontological Coaching, Solution Based Coaching, and Neurolinguistic Programming.  As a Yoga Instructor and Personal Trainer, I use movement in the physical body to assist in shifting the mind.

By having a variety of perspectives on human behaviour, I can more tools to choose from for my clients.

What are the Benefits?

Coaching is designed as a partnership that gives clients the space to explore what they want without judgement or limitations, and create a pan of action with accountability.  There are numerous benefits and the work is really up to the client.  The International Coaching Federation states these as the most commonly experienced benefits by clients


80% improved self confidence


73% improved relationships


72% improved communication skills


67% improved work life balance

Coaching Focus Areas

Peak Performance

Coaching for peak performance is about harnessing your values, beliefs, and physical state to achieve the highest result possible.  This relates to personal and professional goals.  This includes: peak performance planning, creating consistency in performance, recovery planning, energy management & focus, visualisation of success, and stress management

Mental Strength

Building mental strength is about  getting clear on what you want and what is getting in the way.  We look in depth at your personal mission and long term goals, values & beliefs, prioritising areas of life, personal leadership, empowerment and integrity.  And we explore the language you use with your inner dialogue and how that impacts your behaviour and perspective.

Optimal Fitness

Coaching for optimal fitness is about visualising what optimal fitness is for you, setting clear and measurable fitness goals and creating actions to achieve those results.  Core beliefs, values, and competing priorities can accelerate or undermind efforts so work in these areas is often linked.  Fitness coaching encompasses: building strength / endurance, flexibility, mindful movement, empowered actions, building integrity, and overcoming obstacles.