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Personal Responsibility and Your Career

Before you make a change to your career, job, or company, it's crucial to understand personal responsibility.Personal responsbility is being the author of your own life.  It means being accountable for your actions, decisions, experiences and outcomes....

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Transformational Life Coaching

What is Transformational Life Coaching?Transformational life coaching is a wholistic approach to life coaching.  Together, we explore various aspects of your life where you want to make a change.  By exploring a macro view of your life, we can understand how each life...

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Core Beliefs

What are core beliefs and how do they impact our lives?Core beliefs are deeply embedded beliefs we hold about ourselves, others and the world around us. It is what we believe to be true about our personality, our traits, who we are, and how we interact with our...

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Obstacles – Real or Perceived?

How is this year going for you so far?Has the sense of renewed energy and purpose faded away since January or are you still full steam ahead towards your 2018 goals? This article is for those of you that have slowed down, become stuck or didn’t really get going in the...

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Coaching versus Counselling

How is Coaching Different to Counselling?Sometimes I hear coaching and counselling used interchangeably and I think it’s important to understand the difference between these two so as a client, you actually know which is going to be most helpful for you. Let’s start...

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Start with a Vision

Want to transform your life, and don't know where to start?   Don't worry, that's normal.  Just Breathe. Creating shifts in a few areas of your life can be overwhelming.  What comes first?  Where do I start? How do I start? When working with clients in...

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What is Coaching?

Simply put, coaching is an insightful process led by the coach to support the client in gaining clarity of their issue, exploring underlying obstacles and determining paths to moving forward. The International Coaching Federation, which is the leading accreditation...

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Are You a Risk Taker?

When was the last time you took a risk? Did your palms get sweaty?  Did your heart race?   According to Doug Sundheim, and many other experts on the subject, risk is what makes us feel most alive.  Doug asked 100's of people who were nearing the end of their...

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Writing Powerful Fitness Goals

What is possible for you in 2015? Are you excited to set fitness goals for the New Year?     Remember to start a new fitness program and get results, you need to complete the 3 Steps to Fitness Success:             I. Determine your fitness baseline (here)  ...

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