This life is amazing.  I am incredibly grateful for the amazing experiences I’ve had, the unbelievable places I’ve seen, and the incredibly passionate people I’ve met in this journey so far. I am humbled every day by the infinite potential I see in others.

Erica Price

Erica Price

Founder, Managing Director, Coach

Erica has a degree in Psychology and Business, a Diploma of Professional Coaching, and has completed the Landmark Forum, Landmark Advanced, and IGOLU Communication Series Level 1 & 2.  Her experience includes 10 years of strategic Human Resources, leadership development, culture change, business operations and people management for global companies such as Corel, the Water Corporation, and lululemon athletica.  She is a Professional Life Coach, Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor and Swim Coach.

Erica’s passion is working with athletes to achieve peak performance, build mental strength and reach optimal fitness.   She does this by helping her clients understand what is really getting in their way.  Most often, her clients limit themselves mentally or emotionally rather than physically.  By addressing the underlying limitations, clients become aware of their infinite potential.  Erica truly believes that anything is possible.

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