Erica Price

Erica Price

Founder, Coach, Consultant

My mission as a Professional Coach is to reinvent what is possible for my clients through self-awareness, creating a clear vision, and taking supported action towards their goals. I love working with clients in transformational life coaching, personal leadership development coaching, career coaching, and health & fitness coaching.

As a coach, I support my clients in finding direction, implementing strategies, improving communication skills and overcoming obstacles.  Many of my clients achieve increased self-confidence and a positive change in their personal and professional lives.  

I have a degree in Psychology and Business, a Diploma of Professional Coaching, and have completed the Landmark Forum, and Landmark Advanced.  My experience includes 10 years of strategic Human Resources, leadership development, culture change, business operations and people management for global companies such as Corel, the Water Corporation, and lululemon athletica.  I am also a Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor and Swim Coach.

I studied Business and Psychology at university, and have always been curious about human behaviour and motivation.  A few years later, I completed my Advanced Diploma of Coaching and found Coaching tremendously powerful in helping others make positive changes to their lives. After working in HR for a number of years, I pursued a career in pairing my love of coaching and leadership development with my passion for health and fitness.  For four years I managed a team of inspiring individuals and ran a athletic apparel business, while teaching yoga on the side.  Recently, I’ve shifted my focus back to Coaching and am finding it very rewarding.

My Core Values

An exercise that has helped me gain direction and purpose for my life has been clarifying my core values.  Choosing 6 core values out of hundreds of options allowed me to reflect on what the most important aspects of my life are.  I use my core values to help me set long term and short term goals.  My core values also make daily decision-making much easier.  

When I feel stagnant or unmotivated, I reflect on my core values to determine where I may be not be honoring them.  There is almost always a value that I’m out of integrity with.  Then creating a different action and outcome is really simple. 



Love is the reason that we’re on this planet.  Love as a core value, highlights the importance of my family and friends.  Underlying this core value is my belief that we are all connected as a global race.  What we do to one another, we do to ourselves.  



As my core value, adventure means finding creative possibilities and being outside my comfort zone.  I thrive on experiencing new places, situations, and striving to accomplish big goals. 



Spending time outdoors in appreciation of the natural beauty of the planet, brings me a sense of calm like no other.  In nature, I am reminded that I am a tiny part of a massive ecosystem.



I love the article “Integrity: Without It Nothing Works” – Michael C. Jensen.  I see integrity as the key to building self trust and self confidence. Every time I say I’m going to do something, I have the opportunity to build trust or mistrust with myself.  My word is my power.



Growth is the newest of my core values and one that I’ve only recently discovered.  Learning, gaining knowledge, and personal development is how I am inspired, energised, and progress as a person and coach.



There is something that I find freeing in laughing at myself and situations I find myself in.  By not taking myself too seriosly, I can try different perspectives and take risks without being attached to a specific outcome.  I can also laugh at my filures which allows me to learn and move on quickly.

An Integrated Coaching Approach

I use an integrated coaching approach, meaning that I use tactics, strategies and ideas from various disciplines that study human behaviour.  In my coaching, I pull in different approaches to see what works best for my clients.  

I studied Social, Positive, Behavioural, and Organisational Psychology in University for four years.  Years later, in completing my Professional Coaching Diploma, I developed coaching skills in Ontological Coaching, Solution Based Coaching, and Neurolinguistic Programming.  As a Yoga Instructor and Personal Trainer, I use movement in the physical body to assist in shifting the mind.  By having a variety of perspectives on human behaviour, I can more tools to choose from for my clients.

Who Do I Work With?

The majority of my coaching clients are individuals who approach me to support them with redesigning their lives, health plans, relationships and careers.  While, I partner with progressive organisations to consult on people management, culture development, and staff engagement.  My consulting work is usually carried out with leadership teams, small groups, and workshops.



I work with individuals ready to make a change in their life.  My coaching clients are passionate, positive, and self motivated.  They come to me for support with clarifying their vision and goals.  I challenge them to question their assumptions, overcome their obstacles, and be accountable to their actions.


Athletes & Weekend Warriors

I work 1:1 with athletes of all levels, competitive to hobbists.  My athletic clients come to me for support in setting clear goals, prioritising areas of their life, and strategies to use their time most effectively.


Executive & Managment Teams

I work with teams of managers and business leaders to build awareness of their management and leadership styles, and grow their skills to more effectively lead their teams.  We explore employee productivity and engagement, as well as performance management.

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