Diet is a vital part of any athlete’s performance.  Food is fuel for our bodies, it gives us the energy we need to perform.

But with so many trendy diets & nutritional advice out there, which ones do we listen to? The Paleo Diet? The Lemon Detox Diet? The Zone Diet? Atkins? South Beach Diet?

As a Life Coach, I truely believe that YOU have the answers you are looking for, if you listen to yourself – your mind, your body and your values.

You are the expert of your body!

It is only you that has to live with the consequences of your food choices, take responsibility and choose wisely!

So, you are saying that our body, mind, and values will tell us what we should and should not eat??

Exactly! The concept of tuning into your body to make the right food and eating choices, is called Conscious Eating.

  • It means, you think about what to put in your mouth and what not to put in your mouth!
  • It means checking in with your body throughout your meal to know when you’ve had enough.
  • It means listening to your body’s reaction to what you’ve eaten to judge whether you’ve made a good choice.  Then, choosing more wisely the next time!
  • There is a deeper level of Conscious Eating that means educating yourself on how your food choices affect other people and the environment, but thats a topic for another time!

Conscious Eating, Here’s How Regardless of Any Diet Plan You Follow:

  1. Just Eat – When you are eating, don’t multi-task.  How can you be aware of your body and make conscious decisions about your food choices if you attention is split 5 ways?
  2. Slow Down – To help our digestive systems, we are suppose to chew between 20 – 30 times a bite!  Slow down your eating and chew properly.  This will also help you savour your food – Have you ever had a meal so quickly that you couldn’t even remember what it tasted like afterwards?
  3. Relax – When you sit down to  meal, take a second to assess how you are feeling.  If you are feeling stressed, take a minute to breath deeply and relax before digging in.
  4. Eat When Hungry – Sounds simple, but we eat for many different reasons (stress, fatigue, habit, boredom, etc.).  Before eating, place your hands on your stomach and check if you are really hungry.
  5. Pause – Check in with your body when you are 1/2 and 3/4 finished your plate.  Are you still hungry or are you satisfied?

Conscious Eating is a process, so keep listening to your body, learning and adjusting!