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What is Coaching?

My mission as a professional coach is to reinvent what is possible for you through self awareness, creating a clear vision, and taking supported action towards your vision.  As a coach, I can support you in finding direction, implementing strategies, overcoming obstacles, and taking accountability. 

You have all the answers, and I can help you access them. 

What are the benefits of coaching?

There are numerous benefits to working with a coach.  Every coaching session is tailored to what the client would like to focus on.  My clients have commonly shared with me, that their biggest take away is gaining clarity of what they want, and the next steps to take.  

The International Coaching Federation undertook a survey to better understand the benefits of coaching as stated by clients. In their study, here were the most common benefits stated by coaching clients: 



growth in self confidence



 improved relationships



elevated communication skills



improved work life balance

Who Am I?

Erica Price

Erica Price

Founder, Coach, Consultant

Hello, I’m Erica. Nice to meet you!

I am a Professional Coach and Consultant specialising in:

  • transformational life coaching,
  • personal leadership coaching,
  • health, wellness & fitness coaching,
  • professional career coaching,
  • people and organisational development consulting.

I partner with clients to create a safe, open space for exploring what you want and what is getting in the way.  My approach is intuitive, insightful, and supportive.

I am certified by the International Coaching Federation, use an integrated approach to coaching, and am also a personal trainer, yoga instructor and swim coach.

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How is my coaching approach unique?

My approach to coaching is intuitive, insightful, supportive and integrated.  

An integrated coaching approach means that I use tactics, strategies and ideologies from various disciplines that study human behaviour.  I pull in different approaches to find what works best for my clients. By having a variety of perspectives on human behaviour, I can more tools to choose from for my clients.  Approaches I incorporate into my coaching sessions include: 


behavioural psychology


solution based coaching


ontological coaching


personal training


neurolinguistic programming


positive psychology


social psychology


yoga teaching & meditation

What services to I offer?

What do Others Say?

Erica has an authentic and easy coaching presence, building rapport quickly she holds the coaching space with lightness and energy.  She promotes client self-discovery and learning, championing new ways of thinking and gaining commitment for changes to shift clients Way of Being. A curious coach, Erica asks big, open, reflective questions to challenge clients respectfully and shares her observations in an insightful yet unattached way.

Janine Warden

Principal Leadership Coach, Facilitator, Director, The Balanced Momentum

The benefits of receiving coaching for me were immense. It helped me verbalise my options, get my thoughts together in a more coherent way and allowed me to reach my specific goal that I talked about in my coaching session.  Erica’s style of listening and questioning was very thorough. I would recommend it to anyone who has a desire to succeed.

Prina Shah

Artist, Prina Shah Art

Erica is incredibly diplomatic, a constant coach and support whilst always challenging us to grow and develop by extending ourselves. Erica is fun, open, vulnerable, optimistic, lives in possibility, strong, adventurous and a risk taker. Highly effective in her role, and highly respected.

Heidi Thomson-Gluis

Store Manager, lululemon athletica

What do I get up to?

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